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November 7th 2021


Spent some time this afternoon watching the last few episodes of AppleTV’s Mark Rosen series, ‘Watch the Sound with Mark Rosen’. Brilliant! I was not familiar with the man, but the lineup of people he has worked with is impressive. during the episodes, he covers assorted aspects of music. You also get to see him doing some of his DJ gigs. So, of course, being an Apple fan, I have gone to Apple Music and downloaded some of his work.


Why am I wasting my time watching this on a Sunday afternoon? I can’t do much else at the moment as I am in pain with sciatica, thanks to a couple of herniated disks in my lower back. Have seen a specialist about it and been told to ‘man up’. Not unusual for someone my age. So have been told not to aggravate it, and that means more time, sitting, reading and exploring things I have been putting off.


One of the groups covered in the Rosen series, the episode on reverb, was the Icelandic group Sigur Ròs Some exciting sounds. I always find it interesting when you watch or read something, and it leads you to something related. It brings to mind the TV series called Sense8 - an American sci-fi series first aired on Netflix in June 2015. It follows the story of eight people spread across the globe who are connected mentally and emotionally. there were two seasons and outrage when it was inconclusively cancelled, and they created a two-hour special to wrap it up. There is apparently a third season written.  Why mention the series - well, it was good - but the music in it was really super! A group called 4 Non-Blondes‘’ All the music was good and so suited to the series. The piece they performed was ‘What’s Up’


So all this to say, music, like most art forms, is interwoven with our appreciation of other aspects of our culture. And if you let the things you explore lead to others, life can be fascinating. If you are interested in music and its creation, I must also suggest the New York Times series Diary of a Song In it, they cover the creation of iconic songs by current musical artists.


Enough for today - R


view from Pz Vittorio Emanuele II, MCdV Nov 8th 2021




It has been some time since I have found the time to update this site, and I have now found (should I say, made?) the time to do so. It is not that I have not wanted to, but life got in the way. My late wife died in February of 2016, and my life changed - I was trying to balance a life in Umbria, the place we had moved to together in 2005, with a new life on the other side of the world.


And now I have moved on from that newer life, reverting to old form and making the time to do things that are important to me, worrying about what I want to do. Umbria and my life here are very important to me. Helping my friends and helping others is very important, and not losing myself in the process.


So I hope to, at least monthly, add material to this site. Most of the material that was on the old site is still buried here. I have removed some, as links were broken or places and things are no longer available. Also, the technologies that were used to display some of them are no longer supported.


For now, ‘recent’ and ‘previous’ will only supply links to the previous pages in the last site. As I add to this new site, they will gradually be populated. The pages ‘about’ and ‘links’ will be updated versions of the same pages on the earlier site. And ‘design thoughts’ will, as before, list things I have found of interest in the design world. Interspersed amongst this will be photography stuff and images I have taken. I hope you enjoy it - It will provide me with an opportunity to order my thoughts on the things I find interesting - a bit of a diary, if you will.


Piazza Sunrise Oct 24th 2021